31 Women and Children Rescued From Boko Haram Camp At Borno

The Nigerian Battalion Troop rescued civilians comprising of 13 women and 17 children at Mantari, Mallam Masari and Gabchari villages in Bama Local Government Area, Borno State.


Rescued Women and Children

The Troop led by Col. Aminu Iliyasu made the official statement in Abuja today 9th Dec. He stated that the Troop killed quite a number of Boko Haram Terrorist while some fled for safety.


Without any attempt to return fire, the cowardly criminals scampered into the nearby bushes in complete disarray.

“Subsequently, the troops immediately embarked on an exploitation of this success by pursuing them along their withdrawal route.

“During the said exploitation, troops discovered a body of one Boko Haram terrorist and further observed several trails of blood along the said route.

“Additionally, two AK47 Rifles, two AK47 Rifle magazines loaded with 30 rounds of 7.62mm Special ammunition each and three unexploded mortar bombs for making Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) were captured from the insurgents.

Other items equally captured include, one bundle of IED cable, one IED battery, one camel bag, three motorcycles, three sets of overall cloths, bedding materials, cooking utensils, food items, motorcycle spare parts, 122 cylinder tubes and various mechanical tools

He also made known how a Boko Haram Terrorist Abba Modu voluntarily surrendered to the Troops at Gamboru in Ngala LGA. According to Illiyasu, the terrorist regretted his former actions and and called upon his former group to surrender to the authorities in order not to killed as sinners.