600 Nigerian Shops Locked Up In Ghana.

The Ghana Union Of Traders Association stormed the Kwame Nkrumah Circle to lock up shops belonging to foreigners which 600 of them belong to Nigerian owners.

According to one of the members of the union, the GIPC Act bars forigners  from doing retail businesses but unfortunately  the goverment has not enforce it into law yet. This made them took the action of closing down the foreigners shops.

Speaking on the issue, a member of the union was quoted saying:

We are trying to enforce the GIPC law because we have seen that, the leaders of the country will not enforce it. So we have to enforce it ourselves. We have been in this thing for twenty years and they are killing our market,” a member of GUTA

While expressing his grief about the situation another GUTA member also said that

Nigeria has closed their border when we are all members of ECOWAS. It’s because they have their domestic laws. And their local laws come before the ECOWAS law. They don’t have a case there because you can never ascend to an international which goes against your laws

According to report, the choas led to three people getting injured while another six were arrested for being part of the crisis.

The Police Chief of Nima  Divisional police said his men were attacked during operation and the people involved are currently undergoing investigation.