The Bottom line is to treat eye patients with Glaucoma Says Saudi Arabia Ambassador

Adnan Bostaji pledges more humanitarian work to Nigeria

The Saudi Arabia Ambassador to Nigeria, Adnan Bostagi while speaking to News Agency of Nigeris (NAN) on Sunday pledges that Saudi Arabia is willing to offer more humanitarian assistance to Nigeria especially in the health sector.

He said that the main aim of the project is go treat patients with  Glaucoma and Cataract and to be able to do a number of operations.

He also emphasized on the point that Saudi Arabia Kingdom does not differentia between ethic groups of Nigeria which Is why they will soon be moving to South Eastern states to show that  the Saudi Arabia kingdom is very objective

This award means that the historical ties between both countries are very strong and it is a way to enhance the assistance more and more.
Based on the kingdom’s interest to do more and aid the Nigerian citizens in humanitarian activities, the medical campaign has been held in Nasarawa and Oyo states.
“We are expecting the next campaign in February and March and that would be focusing on the South Eastern states.

“The reason it has not been done yet is because the embassy has to collaborate with state governments to see which states have the proper hospitals to handle the operations and medical campaign,”

He also thanked the organizers for all the awards and recognition for it will make them to do more.