French president insists on commencement of reforms in Lebanon

The French President, Emmanuel Macron has warned that international aid for Lebanon will not be released unless a series of reforms were implemented  by October. 

He emphasised this in view of his meeting with the country's president, Michel Aoun

Macron spoke vehemently against the corrupt practices in the country's energy sector and other spheres. 

He made this statement; "Everything is ready but political will is needed" on his visit to the beirut port,  the scene of last month's gas explosion that claimed more than 180 lives. 

Reports states that the French president said he was putting his "political weight" Behind a timetable for reforms,  with a first deadline in October as a 'follow-up' mechanism 

He further said that apart from urgent humanitarian aid in response to the devastating blast,  longer term aid would not be released unless the reform process was initiated by then. 

The French president said that the nomination of Lebanon's ambassador to Germany is a good start but he is not swayed by it.

According to him, "the reforms could lead to elections in 6-12 months which will reveal the anger of the people and bring about a new political reality if the people so wish"