House invader told Eminem he intended to "Kill him" during break-in

American rapper, Marshall Bruceon Mathers III also known as Eminem was threatened during an April home invasion 

The intruder, Matthew David Hughes was said to have gained  entry to Eminem's gated house by climbing in through a broken window he smashed with a brick. 

Hughes was then arrested on first degree home invasion and has remained in police custody since then. 

At a preliminary hearing in the case against the intruder held on Wednesday September 9 a Clinton township police officer Adam Hackstock shared alleged details of the intruder's deadly intentions 

According to Hackstock's testimony as seen in a video footage from the hearing shot by The Detroit free press​​​​​, "Eminem was awoken from his sleep by a man stander behind him. The rapper told the officer he initially thought the man assaulted his nephew. 

"When Mr Mathers asked him why he was there, he was told by Mr Hughes that he was there to "kill him" Hackstock reported on the stand. 

After that, Hackstock said Eminem relayed to him that he escorted the intruder through multiple rooms inside his house to a nearby exit.  Hackstock later testified that he witnessed a security guard "wrestling" with Hughes on the ground as he arrived on the scene. 

Eminem was reported to have been absent on Wednesday's hearing by the Detroit free press 

According to the publication, a judge found probable cause to go ahead with a trial. Hughes is however set to stand before the court on September 28.