Shina Peller, the owner of the popular night club Quinox and the Member of the House Of Representative Oyo State, has been arrested and detained the police. His popular night club also shut down and sealed away from the public.
He was arrested  and detained by the Nigeria Police Force on Monday for attempting to bail and stand as surety for some people detained by the police.

Hon Shella  Peller's  Press Secretary, Mr. Kola Popoola released an official statemate which he made  available to The Nation on Monday, deacribed the arrest and detention of the lawmaker  as absurd, irresponsible and uncalled for.
He said;

Prior to the kickoff of the 36hours non-stop show which usually holds every year at Quilox, Hon. Peller had informed the concerned Lagos traffic authorities to avoid unnecessary traffic gridlock.

” On getting to Moroko police station, the police started harassing Hon. Peller and even went as far as seizing all his phones for no reason.

” The continuous harassment and unjust detain of a member of House of Representatives, Hon. Peller, by the police calls for urgent attention of the media, and the Inspector General of Police.”