Maersk Managing Director's Family Attacked.

Armed men suspected to be robbers on Sunday attacked and killed the wife of  Gildas Tohouo, the Managing Director of Maersk Group.

According to report, the incidence took place at his residential building at Cul De Sac off Oba Adeyinka Oyekan around 9pm on Sunday.

A man in the guise of an electrician came into the house disguised as wanting to fix the light. Unknown to Gildas and the wife, the man had already smuggled in an accomplice.

They forced the wife to transfer some undisclosed amount of money to them while also taking her ATM card. She was stabbed, forced to drink acid before suffocating her to death.

Touhou on the other hand was forced to drink acid but luckily, he was able to send an alert to the company's security unit.

The Police led an operation to the crime scene making two arrest. The suspects names are ; Ade Akanbi and Olamide Goke.


More to come.