A Nigerian UK Based Jailed For Claiming Homeless

One UK based Nigerian lady has been jailed for declaring herself homeless after renting out her own home.
Olusola Owoeye has been jailed for two years in Uk for falsely claiming over 114,000 Euro from her local council.
According to Daily Report News, the 49 year old who is also a mother to three kids moved to UK in 2002. She bought her own home but rented it out and was given a flat by her Local council.
She rented out her property to her tenants for 820 Euro per month.
She is known for being the first person to have convicted of fraud after receiving payment while under "No Recourse to Public Fund(NRPF) Immigration Status.
While sentencing her, the Judge in charge of her case, Jonathan Mann QC showed resentment to her action and told her " There is only one reason you did what you did, and this is because you are greedy. For you, this was money for nothing".