PDP censures Buhari over reported empty Agenda for next three years

The People's Democratic party(PDP) reprimanded the Buhari government of reported attempts to conceal their obvious failures by reeling off another round of "empty promises and blank agenda" to members of the international community.

However, the All Progressive Congress(APC) maintained that the country is on the right trajectory of growth and development under Buhari's government. 

The PDP explained that the many promises made by Buhari during his campaign has today become streams of mirage. 

On assumption of office, the spokesperson of the PDP said that President Buhari reduced his endless promises to three cardinal undertakings of ending insurgency and insecurity, fighting corruption  and improving on the economy. 

In contrast, the deputy national publicity secretary of the APC,  Mr Yekini Nabena in a statement issued yesterday, said Buhari has listed many nine people-focused priority areas that his administration would focus on in the remaining part of its tenure. 

He emphasised that the party would continue to support Buhari in his pursuit alongside other well-meaning Nigerians.

Nabena castigated the PDP saying that "However, the failed PDP chooses to dwell on its ignominious past and practice where voodoo economics, abandoned projects, institutionalized corruption among other frauds where the order of the day"

"At this point, it will be a complete waste of time joining issues with the PDP,  which failed us as a government and has become shockingly rudderless as a supposed opposition party. One thing is clear, we are reminded why the PDP should never be allowed to direct the country's affairs again"