The Twitter Warlord, President Trump Impeached

On Wednesday 18th of Dec, 2019, Trump made history by being the 3rd American president to be impeached from office by the House of Representative.

He was impeached by the house on two charges. First being that The President abused his political power  and secondly that he had obstructed Congress.

On the ground of abuse of power, Trump was accused of attempting to pressure the Ukraine President to open an investigation against his political rival, the democrat Joe Biden. The second charge of congress obstruction, Trump allegedly refused to cooperate with the impeachment inquiry and also withholding evidence and barring his key aides from providing evidence and testifying.

Just as expected, all Republican in the House voted against the charges while the democrats voted for the charges. 

After the debate , the house casted their votes around 20:30 local time (01:30 GMT)

At the end of the vote, it went to the favor of the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi announced the result thereby pronouncing Trump impeached.

Now the big question is what next?

There will be a trial in the Senate come Jan 2020. But as known, the Republican party has a majority in the Senate thereby making it almost impossible that the president will be removed from office when the Senate cast their own vote.

As all these were going on, Trump as usual took to twitter to air his opinion