Wow! Wrong Transaction. An American Woman saw extra $37,000,000 As Account Balance

Imagine waking up to see an alert of 13 billion naira from an unknown source. What will be your reaction? Will you call your bank? Or you rather withdraw it and go into hiding? Lol!!!!!

This was the case of Ruth Balloon, a native of Dallas who randomly checked her account balance to see a whooping sum of $37,000,000. She was said to have thought it was an early Christmas gift from some one. She alerted her bank who confirmed it was a wrong transaction and immediately taking back the money.

when asked how she felt about it, she said it would have been nice if the bank will give her some money as a 'Thank you gift' for alerting them on time.

When asked what she would have done with that money if it was not a wrong transaction. She claimed that she would have paid her 10% tithing, and also donate some part to charity while the rest will go to really estate investment.

She said she took a screen shot of the account balance and said it is safe to refer her as a millioner.

Now we asked again? If it was you, how will you react?